Insuring Young Drivers Glastonbury CT

Jul 30, 2021

When the time comes to insure your young driver in Glastonbury CT rely on Paul Haas Insurance to give you the guidance you need to make cost effective decisions. Here are some helpful tips.

When do I need to add my son or daughter to two my auto policy?

Your child is covered while they're driving your vehicle during driver training under your auto policy. We will add a new driver to your policy when they pass their test and receive their driver’s license.


What discounts are available for a young driver on my auto insurance?

There are several discounts available:

  • Good student discount which applies if your child has a 3.0 GPA overall, or for the last grading period, or has qualified for the honor roll at school.
  • Some insurance carriers offer a driver training discount if a child goes through a driver training and classroom course. To add this discount we would need the driver’s education completion certificate.
  • One insurance carrier offers what they call a “TeenSmart Discount” which replaces the driver training discount. This is an online training course which takes about 8 hours to complete - the insurance carrier will pay for the cost of that course.
  • If your child is away at college (over 100 miles) there is a discount on the policy as long as the student does not have a car at school.
  • All of these discounts can be added to the policy if the young driver qualifies.


What does it cost to add a young driver to my policy?

All insurance companies rate policies based on the number of drivers and the number of cars on the policy. Whenever those numbers change the rate will change as well. If your son or daughter is an occasional driver on the policy, which means they do not have a car available to them all the time (i.e. two cars/three drivers) they will be less expensive to insure. If there is a car always available (i.e. three cars/three drivers) the premium will be substantially higher.


How Paul Haas Insurance can help you control your cost:

When there is a major change to a policy it is a good idea to look at the carriers that are available to reprice the insurance. At Paul Haas Insurance we do that cost comparison for you, we are independent agents that have access to many quality insurance companies. Some carriers focus on insuring young drivers while other carriers shy away. The way they do this is through price. As your life changes, in this case, significantly with the addition of a young driver, it is important to make sure you have the best carrier for the protection and the price. To do this we will look at all our carriers on your behalf to make sure the premium you are paying is the most efficient possible.

The other way Paul Haas Insurance can help is to have a conversation with you and your child about the responsibilities of driving safely and the impact that unsafe driving has on insurance rates and the family as a whole. In almost 40 years of experience I have seen a lot of situations where out of control young drivers cause significant financial impact to families. Having an outside, independent resource to impress on the young driver the responsibility they have to themselves, their family and their community can be helpful.

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