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“At the moment of crisis the truth of your choices will be exposed.”

Tired of chasing your insurance agent for information you can count on? Frustrated with people failing to call you back? Looking for something simple that is extraordinary? How about a reliable, responsive, resourceful insurance agent that cares more about your protection and price than his pocketbook? Meet Paul Haas, developer of The PriceTectionâ„  Process, a unique process that protects your family, assets AND the price you pay...for life.

The Difference Between Paul Haas AND Other Agents

Access to Multiple Carriers

Claims Assistance & Advocacy

Qualified & Unbiased Advice

Balancing Price & Protection

Service From The Same Person You Bought From

I Am The



âś“Auto Insurance
âś“Home Insurance
âś“Umbrella Insurance
âś“Life Insurance
âś“Landlord Insurance

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âś“Commercial Auto Insurance
âś“Commercial General Liability
âś“Workers Compensation
âś“Inn Insurance
âś“Cyber Liability

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A Little About Paul

Paul solves the problems most other insurance agents run from:

  • Frustration with the process of shopping for insurance
  • Eliminates the gaps and overlaps in coverage
  • Monitoring insurance companies changes in pricing and coverage so you can get the best deal every year.

You have a one-of-a-kind insurance story. Conveying that story the right way takes experience. When your story is told to the right insurance company you get a better deal.

To get the best deal we have to start with a process that protects your family and assets first. Then we can focus on the price you pay...for life. That is why I offer The PriceTectionâ„  Process to my personal lines clients. It is a comprehensive protection and pricing process that saves people time and money. I have also developed The PriceTectionâ„  Survey which gives you the information you need about your current situation to make smart protection choices. 

I am very active in Glastonbury. I served on the Board of Education for five years. In 2016 I was named the Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce (CRVCC) Ambassador of the Year. Led that Ambassador group for two years, served on the Executive Board as Membership Officer for two years. Currently, I am Chairman of The Board of the CRVCC. I am deeply rooted in the communities I serve. 



As of 4/2021 Paul has a Customer Retention Rate of 99.12: Less than 1% leave for ANY reason.


Property damage caused by events like windstorms or hail caused 98.1% of homeowner’s claims during 2014 and 2018.

1 in 20

About one in twenty insured homes has a claim each year.


56% of people believe that if they are in a car accident that is their fault, their auto insurance will provide full coverage.


75% of U.S. businesses are UNDERINSURED.


44% of Small Businesses have NEVER had Insurance.

The Value That Paul Provides

we are confident in the knowledge he has about the appropriate protection that is needed for our home and vehicles, and trust his recommendations; he provides options for us to consider in terms of coverage and carriers; he initiates an annual review and makes recommendations about changes that we might want to make; He quickly responds to requests for changes in coverage due to family circumstances.

Adjectives That Describe Paul

âś“ Extremely Responsive
âś“ Knowledgeable
âś“ Friendly
âś“ Very Customer-focused

Lara P.

"In short, Paul, you make us feel that you are working hard on our behalf, and we have the peace of mind knowing that we are appropriately protected and that you will let us know when changes to our coverage need to be made. I have completely put aside any concerns I previously had about our insurance because I know you are steering the ship."

George C.

"Over the last 3 decades I have relied on Paul Haas for my insurance needs and advice and he has always provided excellent and personal service in a very timely manner (even on weekends)! I feel very fortunate to have an insurance expert that I trust and have great confidence in, and enjoy talking with too. I highly recommend the Haas Agency."

Dee T.

“I received the best care anyone could ask for from Paul Haas. He goes above and beyond to deliver what’s in the best interest of his clients. He is always responsive, takes action and delivers the best results. I saved thousands of dollars after moving my auto and home to the Haas Insurance Agency. Paul is always just a text or call away!”

Eva P.

“Paul goes above and beyond with his customers. Without any prompting, he reviews our policy for opportunities to save money and works with you to find the best deal. Outstanding experience and highly recommend this team!”

Matt R.

“I have been working with the Haas Agency now for a number of years, and different policies that I have. Paul is always professional, kind and courteous. He always goes the extra mile for me, to get the best rate for the right company, that will best fit my needs. I highly recommend the Haas agency to handle any, and all of your insurance needs.”

Mike G.

“Responsive. Reliable. Available. Honest. Willingness to work with clients to find a product to best meet the need. Have family backup for questions that need an immediate response."

Protecting Your Family, Assets
AND The Price You Pay...For Life.

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