A Message to All Women Who Drive...

auto auto insurance insurance protection Jun 29, 2021

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety studied injuries to women in car accidents from 1998 to 2015. In the study women were three times more likely to experience a broken bone, concussion, or other less serious injury in front-to-front crashes. In side impact crashes women were twice as likely as men to have a collapsed lung or brain injury.

Oh yeah, and most of the time the injured women were not at fault. The men driving larger vehicles were.

Why do I recite these statistics?

What happens when the women who are injured can’t do everything they do on a daily basis?

I want to know who is going to pay for the “taxi” rides women provide to their children?

How will the grocery shopping get done?

How will the clothes get washed, dried, and folded?

Who will help the children with their schoolwork?

What about the lost income?

And the lost time with friends and family?

The physical therapy or lost time exercising to feel energized?

Who pays when the other guy did not have enough coverage?

Many people don’t have enough coverage to pay that cost. Do you know where the money can be found?

…your own insurance…IF…

IF you have someone who tells you that the most critical protection on an insurance policy is UNinsured/UNDERinsured motorist coverage. Which pays for the rehab, lost wages, pain and suffering, just as if the other guy had the right coverage.

In Connecticut there are five options for UNinsured/UNDERinsured motorist coverage…bet you didn’t know that!

Take Action Today:

Investigate your options by emailing me at [email protected] and I will send you my one page UNinsured/UNDERinsured Fact Sheet!

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